Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why chameleons change color...

...original composition by my son, age 11

Once upon a time there was a chameleon that lived in the jungle. He was a trickster that always got away with everything. The other animals never knew he was responsible because he was never around at the crime scene, but the animals still wondered who did mischief all the time. Still, they waited to catch the animal that was responsible.

One day there was a contest that king lion was holding, he said whoever can hold their breath under water for 30 minutes shall win a potion that will grant you the ability change color. Chameleon thought that he could win this easily.

At the contest Monkey, Hippo, and Bobcat were at the pond. “I can easily win this contest,” said Monkey.

“Oh please,” exclaimed Hippo, “you can’t hold your breath for that long. I’m a shoe in for the contest.”

“You’re both wrong, I will win the contest,” said Bobcat proudly.

Then chameleon quickly stumbled upon them and quietly took a sip of the potion then went back in line. King Lion explained, ”The contest will now begin!”

“Here I go,” said Monkey. He suddenly dipped his head into the water for about 50 seconds, then Monkey gasped and flopped on the grass and panted.

“Next!” king lion shouted. Then Hippo tried it, but he did the same thing as Monkey. So did Bobcat. Soon it was Chameleon’s turn.

Chameleon rushed up to lion and asked, “May I put my whole body in the water?”

“Yes you may,” mumbled King Lion. So he strolled up to the water and dove in there. Little did they know that he changed his color and silently crawled out and crept into the bush beside it, but Monkey saw rustling in the bush and then he pounced in it and threw out Chameleon.

” Hey!” shouted Monkey, ”He is cheating.” Then Chameleon dashed over to the potion and drank the whole glass.

King Lion got very angry and shouted,” Get him, get him! He stole my potion!” Every one surrounded Chameleon, but then he changed his color and climbed up the tree. Because the animals did not see Chameleon, they searched the jungle but did not find head or tail of him. They finally gave up.

That is why chameleons change their color.

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