Sunday, March 2, 2008

missing blogger...

Where, oh where has this blogger gone?
Where, oh where can she be?

I thought I was home free. The worst of flu season had come and gone, and my house -Lysoled to the nth degree - had managed to stand firm against the evil virus.

Somehow, however, a nasty little sinus infection penetrated my defenses. By Thursday, I broke down and made the dreaded trip to the doctor’s office. (It was nice to learn that I had not been in three years…wish I could have gone four.)

It’s amazing what a few rounds of antibiotics, two thousand tissues, some serious sofa time, old sweats, and my favorite fuzzy purple socks (that match nothing) will do.

Hope all is well and germ free in your world today!

“Lord, you hear my every sigh.” Psalm 38:9

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